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What does the 10% increase in housing market mean for London?

Beginning in October this year, reports of a housing bubble in London have been... More >

SAP’s Social Intelligence app helps companies use Big Data

German software firm SAP has recently released its Social Contact Intelligence... More >

Protecting data

It may seem that nowadays that the general public is obsessed with protecting... More >

Barclays launches new SME current account

Barclays is the only bank to reward its small business customers for their loyalty The... More >

One in four (26%) people in the UK (or up to 12 million) would consider loaning money to UK SMEs by joining a peer-to-peer lending scheme

One in four (26%) people in the UK (or up to 12 million) would consider loaning... More >

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Oscar’s Grind Gambling System

The extraordinary growth of internet gambling worldwide has been enabled by three things: firstly, the... More >

The importance of online marketing

As today’s modern world of tweeting, linking in and blogging takes over, it’s important to make sure... More >

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SME Opinion

The ultimate car finance guide

It is important to properly consider all your options when deciding how to finance... More >

Irish Spotlight: Banks’ cautious approach opens the door to non-traditional finance

Much has been spoken about Ireland’s financial turmoil over the past couple... More >

Do IR35 regulations apply for contractors working overseas?

The world is constantly shrinking, perhaps not in physical terms but certainly... More >

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SME in Depth

Budget furnishing ideas for a home office

Many individuals are now making their living by working from home and to maintain... More >

Portable offices: everything you need to know

If you are struggling for office space for your business, or are thinking ahead... More >

Buy-to-let boom: how being a landlord became more attractive

When it comes to finding the appropriate property, many small businesses have... More >

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